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Trofit Ladies Coral Gym Set Pink

Trofit Ladies Coral Gym Set Pink

Made from spandex and nylon, this ladies coral pink colored gym set is like nothing you've seen before. Breathable, light weight and supportive all at the same time. You will be taken aback by the Trofit ladies coral gym set in pink. It is easy to wash, fast drying and colored in stunning coral pink. What are you waiting for? Snap this ladies gym set in coral pink up today.

There is a lot of elastic inside this product, so it is super stretchy!

  • High waisted leggings in coral pink.
  • Cropped with long sleeves and cute hand supports to put your thumb through- you will love this set.
  • Fits up to UK size 16!

It is time to treat yourself, and with free UK delivery you really have no excuse!

We also ship internationally and fees are low!

"Trofit, you have to be in to win."

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