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Pacific Full set

Pacific Full set

These ladies blue striped leggings are colored in a stunning two tone vibe. The blue color of the material is like no other shade you knew before. Trofit made sure to get this just right and ensure that you workout in style, and catch the eyes of fellow gym goers! We believe that you were born to stand out. The material of these ladies blue striped gym leggings is super supportive with a very covering fit.

The two tone blue vibe of the leggings offers a figure-contouring look.

The fabric is sweat-wicking, and they are made from 59% Nylon, 34% Polyester, and 7% Elastane

These blue striped gym leggings, will be your your go-to pair when you want to boost your sports performance. They also boast a supportive structure, with form-enhancing fabric and a stylish fit. Be sure to snap a pair of these leggings up now!

Also, you will be please to know we also stock Trofit blue striped crop top that matches- enabling you to look your very best when working out. Be sure to purchase the matching blue striped crop top too.

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