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Camo grey sport bra

Camo grey sport bra

The Trofit camo ladies sports bra in black and gray is an amazing addition to add to your fitness clothing wardrobe. Working out will be so much easier when wearing this. The camo black and gray gym bra has been specifically designed to be able to keep your breasts supported and intact when moving around. We under stand also, the importance of being able to look good, feel good and be affordable. We offer a budget range of gym clothing that is like no other. To us, our customers are priority and we want you to be able to afford multiple items from our range as opposed to just one.

This camouflaged black and gray ladies gym bra is made from material that will allow you to cool whilst allowing your skin to breath when working out. It is fast to dry, very stretchy and durable. It can also flex with great ease and has been pre shrunk, so you will never have to worry about it shrinking in the wash skin tight material, with great washing durability.

We understand how important it is not to just look great at the gym, but to feel great too. No matter what your sporting area is, one thing we know is that Trofit clothing is perfect to suit your sporting needs. Checkout now!

Features a lovely crossover back strap that accentuates your back like no other gym garment has before!

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